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Genres:Electronic - Ambient, HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, HipHop - Pop/Modern

Whenever you need you to hear Hip Hop Artists that don’t waste their breath talking about

their material gains on all their records, like their cars, money, and how many women

they have, D’ROK is your man. He is one of the most Innovative, realest, but yet authentic

Inspirational artist Hip Hop has left. It’s Roka-Rok!!!

Danny Arana, better known as D’ROK was born on May 28, 1988. He is the first child of his

brothers and sisters and was the first one to have actually a passion for Hip Hop in his family.

Born to Honduran immigrant parents, the music genre “Punta” was most famous in his

household. His father was an electric-guitar musician, who was locally famous for exploiting

the Honduran Caribbean Garifuna Culture genre Punta, in Los Angeles, California. One

night while listening to Power 106 FM in Los Angeles he heard “Jay-z-Big Pimpin” and Jay-

z flow made him want to decide to begin rapping. D’ROK went thru many names as a young

rapper. “It first started with “G.I. Joe” then “D-Man” then “The Marvelous Kidd”, then to

“D-ROC”, finally, he ends up with “D’ROK”. “I just wanted a solid name that was easy

to remember” says D’ ROK. D’ROK grew up in South-Central, Los Angeles, where gang

violence, and riots made the city negatively famous known around the world. D’ROK had very

few local artists he looked up too. I only was a fan of Ice Cube and W.C. other than those two,

no one else held my interest.

At the age 17, D’ROK landed a deal with an up and coming West Coast label “Hood4Life

Records” which had a distribution deal with Universal Records. D’ROK managed to release

a remix single on the labels star line group “C-DOTT” EP titled “Merry-Go –Round” in

reggaeton. Since he was bilingual, the Spanish speaking rapper was admired for his versatility

and his ability to attract both black and brown Latino audiences. Due to complications and the

labels wishes to push back his reggaeton and hip hop album to a non decided date, D’ROK left

the label to go finish high school, and get his high school diploma. After graduation D’ROK

began to collaborate with friends in his neighborhood and recording mixtapes in their studio.

He then later returned to his childhood youth center “A Place Called Home” in 2006. “A

Place Called Home” was a youth center he became a member of in 1997. At this youth center

there were various activities for children including sports and dance, but greatly of them

all they also had a recording studio class, which received donations from “Will Smith” the

actor and Tupac Shakur mother “Afeni Shakur”. It was “A Place Called Home” where

D’ROK began doing his recording at just 11years old. In 2006, he met an Inspiring engineer

by the name of Chris Warrior. After hearing D’ROK left Hood4LifeRecords/Universal,

Chris Warrior helped D’ROK release several Independent mixtapes that eventually gave

him a major name on the Los Angeles Hip Hop Scene. With over Eight plus mixtapes, “Tru

Inspiration I&II” (2006-2007) The Greatness I&II(2008) “The Final Chapter”(2009) “Back

for you &Forever Love”(2010) “D’ROK&Wil B: The State of Black of Amerika”(2010)& his

Moscow, Russia promotion Mixtape with his new supporting DJ, DJ EMON “Hip Hop World

Wide” (2011) “Bringing In a New World” EP (2011) which is a sample of a future album he

has coming later this year, including his recent Phenomenal release “Love&Pain” Mixtape

(2011), and One Album “HIP HOP FOREVER” (2010) D ROK Continues to grow and

carry out the recent given title “The Conscious Lyricist”. “I decided to go with the conscious

style after I began to read on Hip Hop History, and listening to KRS ONE Lectures, then

later finding my way in 2009 in The Islam religion” says D’ROK. Since being active on the

conscious Hip Hop Scene D’ROK has been able to release songs that speak on “the effect

of drug-abuse and gang violence in the lives of the youth in his community, and even his

personal experiences in South Central, Los Angeles. His efforts to speak up on the reality of

the living conditions in his neighborhood, eventually got him on a record with Los Angeles

Lakers Forward “Ron Artest” on a song titled “Too Fly’.

D’ROK is currently working on his second album “Bringing in a New World” set to be

released late this year.
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