Awake At Dawn

Austin, TX United States

Awake At Dawn
Bio: Awake At Dawn: It’s the sensation of a night well spent into the next morning as well as how it feels to rise with the sun, fresh and invigorated. It’s that feeling that comes with those peak moments of human bliss like the ones inspired by the best rock’n’roll — just what the band Awake At Dawn evokes from listeners with their music.

The group spearheaded by singer Rob Chambers and guitarist Cameron Hooker melds an utterly modern rock attack and ambience with strains of the finest classic styles and inspirations to create a timeless trademark sound all their own. Their songs range from such dynamic high-tension-wire rockers as “You Or Me,” “Safeword” and “The Blur” to tours de force like “Bravest Soul” and “I’m Sane…?” that start out with delicate acoustic guitar and crescendo into balls-to-the-wall rock to more atmospheric numbers like “Dichotomy” that still crackle with energy. They sing about passion, pain, needs and urges, struggle and redemption, and the push and pull of life and love in the modern world. It’s music that that lands knockout punches with a velvet boxing glove and also soars, seduces and sizzles. And brings the listener pleasures, inspiration, solace and enlightenment that last all through the day into the darkest hours of night, and ultimately leaves you satisfied and transformed as you emerge, like the band, Awake At Dawn.
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