Tim Lang

Fountain Hills, AZ United States

Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic
Bio: I have very little love for the typical artist bio. How boring is it to read about an artist’s musical journey like it’s an appliance manual? The music biz wants a concise and packaged take on a very complicated thing. Thankfully for me, as an indie musician I’m not worried about anyone else other than you the listener. So, here instead is my take on music and me.

I have always loved music. I love that it can culminate your life in a single song. A song like a scent can spin your head around to a different time. It’s hypnotizing and as far back as I can remember I wanted in.

As a kid I wrote songs starting on an old beat up Lowrey Organ. I bought my first guitar from a catalog. A redheaded Elvis impersonator with a big heart gave me lessons for free when the family had no money for them. I got the nerve up for my first performance – “Johnny B. Goode”. As I got to my teens my grandmother gave me the best of advice... “whatever happens keep singing your songs” – thank you my Oma.

I wasn’t gifted musically. I just wanted it bad. I wanted to hold a guitar and make that thing sing. I wanted to sing a note and not have people run. So I immersed. Through out my time as a musician I have performed in rockabilly trios, alternative rock bands, country acts, and even a stint as a lounge singer. I learned from everyone I played with. I made some very typical abysmal music business decisions. Yeah, some parts of it were pretty horrible but just enough other parts kept the stars shining.

My first debut album was entitled Okay Now. I had the great fun and honor to work with Scott Mathews on it. His production style is incredible. It has the shotgun approach that ran away in the ProTools-era. An amazing multi-instrumentalist, Scott not only filled out my songs but he also taught me how to tighten my playing and what it means to breathe life into a production. We followed up Okay Now with Summer Trees. A single for the masses and the closest thing I will ever be to pop.

Now, here I am just another vagabond in southern Baja watching waves and chasing the sounds in my head. Putting them in front of audiences, putting them on paper. I have written a new album entitled Post-Surf. It fills the pages of an old worn out notebook with Batman on the cover. Kind of boyish I guess, but, more than fitting. The songs for this album are about everything and anything that made me want in to this fiery, ethereal, mysterious, humbling, shining thing called music as a kid.

I still want in.
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