Night by Night

London, London United Kingdom

Night By Night
Bio: “All the best bits of the 80s rock scene, combined with the total relevance of today”
- Joel McIver, Metal Hammer

“A throwback to the days when melodic hard rock ruled the airwaves, there’s no mistaking the identity of Night By Night’s boyhood heroes – but the band performs with a skill and confidence
that does them credit."
- Dave Ling, Classic Rock

“Classic, kick-ass AOR by the Night Ranger of now. Top notch!”
- Tim Jones, Record Collector

Hailed by the British and international rock press as a force to be reckoned with on a rock and metal scene that has become sterile, this London-based four-piece – fronted by The Sisters of Mercy guitarist Ben Christo – have made giant steps since their formation in 2008 and are poised to make an enormous impact with their new EP Can’t Walk Away, produced by Romesh Dodangoda of Funeral For A Friend, Kids in Glass Houses, The Blackout and Bullet For My Valentine fame.

“We wanted to form a group that took its influences from the more profound bands of that era – who crafted their songs and musicianship before crimping their hair!” laughs Christo, who is joined by Iain Frisk (guitar), Jonny Thornton (bass) and Moyano El Buffalo (drums). “There's a lot of complexity in the songwriting of, say, Def Leppard, but it’s done so artfully that it enhances rather than inhibits the flow. This was our vision.”

The secret behind Night By Night’s music is their modern update on classic rock, with its fusion of searing guitar riffs, widescreen vocal harmonies and a flawless modern production that casts a powerful spotlight on the band’s superb musicianship. You’ll hear Def Leppard and Bon Jovi in the Night By Night sound, but there’s plenty of unexpected (but awe-inspiring) creativity from the schools of Faith No More, My Chemical Romance and Mötley Crüe too.

If you need any more reasons to spend some quality time with Night By Night, just ask the thousands of fans who have witnessed their support slots with rock legends such as Y&T, The Quireboys, Heaven’s Basement, Adam Bomb, London After Midnight, Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul and Dear Superstar. They’ve toured Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Poland, with more international dates stretching into the future.

The band are currently in the final stages of writing their debut album, with Romesh Dodangoda as the number one choice for the producer's chair. Night by Night are resolute that, once this album is complete, they will be taking the melodic rock world by storm.

“We are melodic, intense, uplifting and totally for real,” says Christo. “Worldwide, a hell of a lot of people are already relating to our music, because we strive for good lyrics and big anthems."

Ben Christo: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar.
Jonny Thornton: Bass, Vocals.
Iain Frisk: Guitar, Vocals.
Moyano de Diego: Drums.

'Can't Walk Away' (E.P.)

Release Date: October 12th 2009 (iTunes)

Composers: Ben Christo, Jonny Thronton, Iain Frisk, Moyano de Diego.

Musicians: Ben Christo, Jonny Thronton, Iain Frisk, Moyano de Diego.

Producer: Romesh Dodangoda.
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