The Sweaty Monk

Wylie, TX United States

John with Soohee Painting
Genres:Jazz - Latin , Latin - Son, Latin - Salsa, Latin - Jazz
Bio: John Christopher Thomas’ eclectic musical roots have helped him to create songs with international appeal. Born in Omaha Nebraska and raised in San Antonio Texas, John began playing piano at 7. His style developed in his early teens, while studying under Jazz pianist Nobuko Utterback.
During the mid- 1980’s, eager local bands were looking for the few available keyboard players at that time. John began to play in a variety of styles, including rock, funk, blues and fusion jazz. While attending university in Austin, John primarily performed as a sideman at local clubs to help pay his way through school.
In 1991, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in studio art, John’s had a strong desire to travel. He moved to South Korea for a job teaching English. There, he met Soohee Youn, who later would encourage him to record the numerous songs he had been writing over the years. John also befriended many local musicians in Seoul, and eventually joined a Korean group called Joybox, whose pop single “Special” made it to #23 in the K-Pop charts in 2000. Now adding acoustic guitar to his repertoire, John recorded over 200 demos during this time, to further develop his songwriting craft.
After returning to the States with Soohee in 2003, John completed his MA and proceeded to teach ESL back in San Antonio. As a joke, John and Soohee created the pseudonym “Sweaty Monk”, to colorfully express the difficulty of following a creative path. Constantly recording in the studio, he was able to record tunes that reflected his earlier musical roots.
John's aim is to create indie songs with slight touches of jazz, folk and world music that will be both familiar and refreshing to listeners everywhere.
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