Kissimmee, FL United States

From Strong Island,NY Bolaji took an interest in Hip Hop Music and decided to pursue a career in displaying his ability to produce and rhyme.
He's performed & collaborated with artists to form and release Original Ruffnecks, The Rap group High Council & worked with multiple DJ's & independent outfits on numerous mix Cd's & compilations, some of the titles include "Explicit", "Unsigned All-Stars", "Project S.C.A.R", Mick Boogie's Cd release "THE BIG PICTURE", DJ Lordie's "Gangster Music 6", additional vocals on Mother Superia's "Most Of All" for Island records, wrote and performed the theme music for an indie Hip Hop video show called "The Hip Hop Spot" & more.
Bolaji shows he has the diverse ability to attract listeners of all kinds of music along with the production skills to be known as one of the greatest names in the game.
In 2009 Bolaji released 'THE VINYLS", A 16 title solo collection that listeners are calling a mix of innovative production, vibrant lyrics, fresh concepts & catchy hooks now available on iTunes,, cdbaby and select local stores near you.
Currently Bolaji continues to expand his popularity with production placements, Press interviews and reviews, live performances throughout the U.S, international mix cd's, features, collaborations, productions & indie music events.
Bolaji's self titled release is also now available on iTunes, select stores & more.
Please visit the band website for previews and links to where to purchase his releases.
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