Georgia Fireflies

Decatur, GA United States

Bio: The Georgia Fireflies are an Americana country-folk ensemble hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Fronted by Jeff Holt and Leanna Fugate, the two trade off duties on banjo, mandolin, guitar, and lead and harmony vocals.
The Georgia Fireflies’ music displays their diverse taste in both new and long gone artists such as the Carter Family, Patsy Montana, Hazel Dickens, Camper Van Beethoven, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Wilco among many others.
On their debut release, On Down the Line, the Georgia Fireflies "keep things fun by blending the music’s established rural aspects with modern touches"(Stomp and Stammer Sept. 2006). This recording includes both originals and traditionals using numerous sounds not typically associated with the old-timey genre including electric guitar, tape-loops, and various unconventional noises.
August 2010 marks the release of Where do the birds go? the Georgia Fireflies’ second release. This time around the Fireflies focus more on original songs and less on fitting into any particular genre. Banjos, mandolins, and washboards abound, but there’s plenty of electric/slide guitar and drums too. The Fireflies sound is rooted in the past, but not stuck there. It’s not old-timey. It’s not bluegrass. It ain’t indie-rock either. It’s the Georgia Fireflies!
Jeff Holt is an Atlanta scene veteran having played in numerous bands including Ultrababyfat, Silent Kids, and #1 Family Mover. He is currently fronting rock band the Water Liars. Leanna Fugate has played in various bands in Atlanta, Chicago and Asheville including the indie-popadelic band Silent Kids. She currently plays with newly formed the Polar Dunes with former members of the Silent Kids, Luigi and Catfight!.
The Georgia Fireflies composed and performed the theme song for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s "Georgia Outdoors" which airs statewide four times a week on PBS.
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