Steven James

birmingham, AL United States

Genres:Reggae/Dub, Rock - Roots Rock, Blues - Electric
Bio: We all justify ourselves when we say “this is who I am”, and sometimes the decisions we make feel like our biggest mistakes. Some view those experiences as their greatest valor and look to them as guides. Steven James would tell us stories about his most life changing events. Running away to europe, model invitations to NYC, italy, France, Asia, owning a Brooklyn photography studio. These compiled direct Steven today in his path of artistry. Now residing in Birmingham Al, his new endeavors are being chosen.

Recording his album “Holding On” in a Brooklyn basement, Steven approached this with his “old soul” feel having collaborated with NYC and Nashville studio musicians. Together, they accompanied Steven with the maturity he needed to expel his soulful taste on pop music. Holding On, attracted a worldwide digital distribution deal as well a licensing contract.

Now taking his role as head engineer for King of the Jungle Productions in Birmingham, Steven is faced with popular music writing, producing, and engineering for some high profiled, up and coming artists. Giving him more insight for his coming album.
Steven will forever be conquering his foreseen path, making pit stops with record labels, Grammy awards and expensive guitar shops. Till then, he is setting up home base while solidifying his figure in the Birmingham music scene, nurturing his industry relationships and waiting anxiously for his chance to step into the spot light.
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