Richmond, VA United States

Bio: B.MARTIN is a commercially viable one-man show. Like Keller Williams, Andrew Bird, and KT Tunstall, B.MARTIN has mastered the art of looping sound, turning a solo performance into a multi-layered symphony through one foot pedal and great timing. With two mics, a guitar and a BOSS-RC-20 XL, B.MARTIN does by himself what some 5 piece acts fail to convey: his story-telling, paired with an emotional spirit, significantly heightens his quality melodies and raucous beat-boxing to new dimensions of music.

B.MARTIN has escalated his love for music into a professional endeavor--with the release of 2 albums, a small yet dedicated following, and a handful of shows each month to showcase his talents, he constantly strives for musical excellence and an unrivaled craftsmanship. His music has been regarded as “crafty” and “organic” by many, and he has been hand-picked as an “Artist to Know” on the Valslist website by founder Valerie Haller (championed by Bob Lefsetz).

While his sound has been categorized with Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Green Day and Jason Mraz, his 2010 EP, “Half-Sleeve” shows a mature growth into his own musical adulthood in a youthful presentation. Again band-less, B.MARTIN layered his own percussion, bass and piano tracks over a 2-day period at White Star Sound in Louisa, VA. The result is a sample of work that is deep without being over-produced, strong without screeching, and soaring without sap.
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