Champagne with Friends

austin, TX United States

Champagne with Friends
Genres:Pop - Adult Contemporary
Bio: Born in the middle of mosquito country on the "Right Side of Texas" or Beaumont as they call it, Thomas Champagne grew up with the best of both worlds, Texas Pride and a Cajun Spirit. Hitting the stage by the age of 14, Thomas' musical roots were formed on piano, bass, and drums. While attending Texas A&M University in the mid 90's, Thomas formed a funk-rock quartet known as 4D2 and began playing throughout the state as the bassist and vocalist. Around the turn of the century, Thomas moved back to his hometown and starting performing bass with the Folsom Creek, a rock/bluegrass mix. After a great run of shows and a new album just a week from hitting the shelf, the group folded and out of disappointment and depression, Thomas discovered his true songwriting style, funky reggae. For the first time ever, Thomas took the stage as the front man forming his own band, Audioflava, a jazz/funk/pop entity that evolved into an electric power trio featuring Danny Anderson on guitar and Carlos Lopez on drums. Audioflava and Thomas moved to Austin, TX where he started working at Arlyn and Pedernales Studios. After a few years in Austin, Danny and Thomas decided it was time to hit the road and began touring the states as a duo, Champagne Anderson. With such a great success on the road as a duo, Thomas and his friends headed to the studio in the Fall of 2007 to complete their long awaited album, "Old Town", and hence form the group, "Champagne with Friends". Along with fellow South-East Texan, Nicholas F. Nolden, from Amarillo, TX, Matthew Muehling on Guitar, J Wesley Haynes on Keys, and on the drums, Mr. Robert Slangen, Champagne with Friends have been steadily touring the states, shaking the stage, and spreading their good word. Within the past three years “Champagne with Friends” has performed on over 101 stages amongst 13 different states, and the train keeps on moving.
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