Jamie Nichole

Martinsville, IN United States

jamie nichole
Genres:Country - Contemporary/Pop
Bio: I am Jamie Nichole. Born Jamie Nichole Hovious, from Martinsville, IN. I have been singing as long as I can remember. I taught myself to play guitar, and began writing about 9 years ago at Ball State University, while attending college, on a full ride golf scholarship. As soon as I could play a hand full of songs, I began opening up for bands, and hitting the open mic night scene. I write songs from my personal experience mostly. Songs that can relate to all kinds of people. They are a little folk, a little pop/rock and full of heart. One of the great things about my music is that it can be produced so many different ways. I love music! I love singing, I love performing. I work very hard to book, and promote independently, but it does get hard financially sometimes. All the juice is worth the squeeze, though.
I'm currently working on a new album, called the Nashville Session. My 5 song EP, will hit iTunes, shortly, and be available to purchase on my new website too, as soon as it is launched. Please be patient, its worth the wait! Meanwhile, you can find me playing original venues around Indianapolis, IN, and Bloomington. The very best way to experience my music is live!
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