Frank Royster

Charleston, SC United States

Bio: For more than two decades, Royster's musical journey has had him perform at almost every venue in the Charleston area. It started in his James Island living room, at the age of 5, swapping out Tonka trucks for the Honky Tonk records of Buck Owens. At age 13, he owned his first guitar, by college age, his first band The Uncertain-T's.

His love for pop pushed him futher as rythym guitarist for the jam-stylings of the Eddie Bush Group in the 1990s, and then for a tour or two or three as guitarist for the popular Charleston bar band, The Fire Apes. The result was the formation of Royster's own band in the 2000s, The Hed Shop Boys that now weekly brings in the "whiskey drinkers" to local watering holes across South Carolina to smile at their pop favorites from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They often dance to Royster originals they think were created 30 years ago.
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