seattle, WA United States

Bio: Gravity is a Fender Rhodes trio augmented by moogs, synths, clavinet, piano, and vocoders, made up of keyboardist Tim Kennedy, bassist Ian Sheridan, and drummer Claudio Rochat-Felix. Their debut release, Grimy, is an eleven song jazz-based groove record laced with thumping bass and lush keys with hints of drum and bass, afro beat, hip hop, lounge, and electronica. This album showcases songwriting depth, instrumental virtuosity and a keen production sense.

In addition to being a touring instrumental band, Gravity is also a songwriting and production team. Recent projects include teen rocker Emi Starr’s debut EP, soul singer Eddie Sanabria’s latest release, studio tracks for Sound on Sound recording artist Becker and Eleven Seven recording artist Jonny Lives.
Ian is an active producer in Seattle and spent seven years on the road with Jason Mraz. He recently produced the new Left Hand Smoke record and is currently producing Everyday Jones’ new record. Tim is a jazz and gospel pianist and is also a talented songwriter and producer and has performed and recorded all over the world. Claudio is a New York City drummer and producer and has performed with such artists such as Praswell (Fugees), Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), and Slick Rick.

Gravity is a one-stop shop for all music needs: performance, support, songwriting and production.
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