Leanna Fugate

Atlanta, GA United States

Genres:Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Leanna Fugate is a beguiling and gifted musician with an aching, sensual voice and a flair for penning tuneful songs that resist strict genre labels. Exhibiting no fear of versatility, she’s been spotted touring Scotland on guitar and vocals with Chicago’s bluegrass-tinged Whiskey Hollow Band; singing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus under the direction of Robert Shaw; and keeping the beat behind the indie-popadelic band Silent Kids along with numerous other creative forays.

Fugate’s debut solo EP Another Face contains “a half-dozen tales of desire, loss, vulnerability and verve that glisten with the summer sweat of the humid American South” (Stomp and Stammer). Fugate’s songwriting has been called “impossible to pigeonhole” and her songs “gutsy and delicate.” Her voice “perfect for a more varied musical stew of sassy twang, earthy loping pop, and humid countrified blues.”

Boasting a degree in Music from Brigham Young University, the classically trained vocalist and guitarist returned to her Atlanta stomping grounds in 2004. She soon hooked up with the Silent Kids and later formed Americana/Folk duo Georgia Fireflies, singing and playing clawhammer banjo, mandolin and guitar alongside co-founder Jeff Holt. In 2006 the Georgia Fireflies released their debut CD, On Down The Line; in 2008 the Silent Kids released the much anticipated Dinosaurs Turn into Birds, and in the Fall of 2010 the Georgia Fireflies release their second album Where Do the Birds Go?.

Fugate also composed and the Georgia Fireflies performed the theme song for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Georgia Outdoors” which airs statewide four times a week on PBS.

Fugate is presently the drummer and collaborator of the new project the Polar Dunes featuring members of such bands as the Silent Kids, Luigi, Ultrababyfat, and Catfight!.

“Been on the road for ten long years, but we never crossed paths again,” Fugate sings on her solo EP’s soulful opening track, “I don’t Know Why.” “But sometimes I see you everywhere, in everyone I meet, the same old sin.” Likewise, you’ll spot familiar flourishes and inspirations flowing throughout these six songs – discernable influences range from Lucinda to Emmylou, from Stones to Gram – but Leanna Fugate is anything but the same old/ same old. Listen, and see if you don’t agree.

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