Channing and Quinn

Nashville, TN United States

Channing & Quinn
Bio: This is the story of Channing and Quinn. A girl and a boy, who one day collided on top of a mountain in North Carolina. Channing had her arms full of lyric scribbled paper and her head full of odd melodies, while Quinn had a collection of instruments strapped to his back composing a soundtrack to every step he took. Inevitably, as the two collided, so did their music, springing to a life of it's own, and sweeping Channing and Quinn away to a new, wild and sometimes treacherous terrain they now call home...they also call it Nashville. As they continue to follow their music, they find themselves on the road (or tracks, as they have an affinity for trains) and might, just might be coming through your town. Now we could make that a bit more official if you'd tell us where you are and when we should be there. Just sayin'. Until then, keep an eye out and an ear open!
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