Sean O'Donoghue

carlisle, PA United States

Bio: Sean O’Donoghue’s music is influenced by the places he’s called home: the mountains of Pennsylvania, the plains of Louisiana, and the beaches of Santa Cruz California. O’Donoghue’s music plays tribute to the roots of American music such as jazz, blues, and folk. Whether it be a straight blues tune, a passionate protest song, a tortured torch song, or a down to earth folk ballad, O’Donoghue’s music is easily accessible yet deep. His poetry-like flowing lyrics are sung over jazz chords with a sultry voice to the tune of unforgettable melodies. This singer-songwriter commands attention with nothing but a guitar, voice and words. O'Donoghue's music has an emphasis on poetic lyricism. At the age of 17 O'Donoghue won Harrisburg's PA's Poetry Slam before he was legally allowed to enter the contest. In 2007 O'Donoghue toured on the streets of 5 countries in Europe, making just enough money to eat bread and cheese, sleeping on park benches and staying in rundown hostels. In 2008 O'Donoghue took to the road in California. He lived in a van that ran on vegetable oil and promoted his nonprofit organization "Sustainable Community Education Alliance". He detailed his journey in a blog called . He currently lives in Pennsylvania and works as a wilderness therapist for at-risk youth. His current projects are a music album called "An American Singer-Songwriter" and a book called "The Human Manefesto, The Ethics of a Natural Lifestyle."

For music publishers it should be known that Sean O'Donoghue has a catalog of over 100 original compositions ranging from blues, folk, Americana, acoustic, jazz, singer-songwriter, and country. All of them are catchy and copyrighted. (ASCAP member)
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