Charlotte, NC United States

Genres:HipHop - Experimental/Alternative
Bio: We are true artists and musicians. We release real music that has real
messages that people can relate to and understand. We are out to edify
all who is willing to listen. One album at a time we will reveal one
Chapter at a time, until The Book is complete.

We rely only on our music, and our affords to please you. We
write these lyrics and record these songs, not because we can,
but because we believe we have to. Look at the response we get
when people hear our music. You just get a feeling from it. When
you hear it, you know it’s the real deal. Not just another "playa" talkin'
'bout his hoes, or another killa countin' his bodies. We have
nothing against those people, we just speak the truth. We're
trying to bring a reality to the music scene. The cold hard truth...
We are edified

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