David Butler

Ballston Spa, NY United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, Ambient Soundscapes, Easy Listening, Electronic - Techno, Production - Electronica, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Ambient, Production - Pop, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Underscores, Specialty - Trailer Music, Production - Rock, Specialty - Promo Music, Production - Pop, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Production - Electronica, Specialty - Cinematic, Production - Rock, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: I have been writing music for over 10 years. I have had the pleasure of selling my music to Red Bull, Nintendo, Samsung, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HGTV, and other organizations. My music is a direct result of social incompetence. :)
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