Hey Champ

Chicago, IL United States

Bio: Hey Champ's roots can be traced outside of Chicago in nearby Rockford, where band members Saam Hagshenas (Vocals, Guitar) and Jonathan Marks (Drums) discovered their love of music at a young age. After Saam's graduation from law school, Jon's fellow Princeton music major Pete Dougherty (Synths) moved to Chicago, cementing the line-up of the group. Discovered by Lupe Fiasco and recently signed to Seattle based indie, Turnout Records, Hey Champ's debut album, "Star," represents an amalgamation of several styles. The music incorporates influences from disco, house and indie rock to the power-pop of Rockford's hometown heroes Cheap Trick and the synth-heavy productions of Giorgio Moroder and Trevor Horn.

Their infectious sound is also reflected in their energetic live performances, which have led to them being named the “Best Discovery of Lollapalooza” by SPIN."

Hey Champ will be releasing its "Anything At All EP" in the Spring of 2011. Produced by Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, Kaiser Cheifs), the new EP represents an exciting new direction for the band. While retaining the elements of pop, rock and dance music that have become Hey Champ's signature, the "Anything At All EP" adds a new fullness to their sound and dare-we-say "widescreen" production.
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