Hogz in Dandyland

Williamsburg, VA United States

...goose calls and occasional snorts!
Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: Hogz in Dandyland - "Across a Miracle" (2009)

"A well crafted record, oink, oink indeed.” -Maddog Magazine

"A very special psychedelic garage pop concoction...wonderfully quirky, skillfully played instrumental concept album with mystery-spun fantasy.” -Glitterhouse Records

“This oddly-named project is another example of one guy (Virginia’s Brad Hogge) who plays practically everything and still manages to sound like a full a band. With an enticing combination of reverb-drenched guitars and swirling keyboards, Hogge’s whimsical songs have a ‘60s psychedelic feel, mixed with more recent vintage dreampop and trippy rock. There are also bits of Jesus & Mary Chain, Bevis Frond, and Robyn Hitchcock (and, on “Whatever It May Be,” The Byrds), while Hogge’s pleasing, delicate voice sometimes recalls Bob Dylan. His lyrics read like the ponderings of a lovestruck poet, although the album’s “concept” is evidently about a lonely hog named Freddy finding happiness and fulfillment. On floating, mesmerizing songs such as “Depths of Emotional Intrusion” and the nine-minute title track, chances are you will too.” -The Big Takeover
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