Callum John

Cumbernauld, Glasgow United Kingdom

Genres:Country - Alternative, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: I write songs about the trials and tribulations we face in everyday life. The sorrow, the pain, the joy, and the frustration that every human being is all too familiar with. These moments that trip us up and make us re-evaluate our purpose in this seemingly materially-consumed existence paint the melody. It s the passion elicited from these experiences that fuels the strumming of my guitar. Then the songs write themselves, wIth a sincerity and a honesty that legitimize them.

People ask ... What style of music do write?

My style varies from americana to rock to pop with tones of weeping daisies, sumptuous rays of sun, and tears from sinewy oaks that have stood tall and strong for hundreds of years, etched with character. Their silence hints at their disappointment with the current world around them..
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