Susan SurfTone

Beaverton, OR United States

Susan SurfTone
Genres:Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Surf
Bio: Susan has been playing guitar since the Beatles arrived in the States in 1964. A long time. A graduate of Boston University School of Law Susan began to play professionally after a stint with the FBI as a Special Agent. Susan's bands featured a vocalist and Susan's original music. In 1995 Susan dropped the vocalist but keep writing and formed the all -instro Susan and the SurfTones. A record deal with a small label in Hamburg, Germany led to four well-received European tours.
Songs were placed on MTV's The Real World Season 20 and Nissan used Susan's original material in an Italian promotional video. Susan's music is also used frequently in Lance Lambert's Vintage Vehicles cable tv show aired around the world.
In 2011 Susan began to record and perform as Susan SurfTone. In 2013 her current release "Too Far" was featured in the Huffington Post.
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