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Mableton , GA United States

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Bio: An Urban Music Publishing and Licensing Co.

Findie Music is a leading independent urban music publisher, getting songs recorded to albums, film, and TV soundtracks, commercials, etc. and other areas. We also handle administrative tasks such as copyrighting songs, collecting royalties for the songwriter, negotiating and issuing synchronization licenses for use of music in films, television programs and commercials, arranging and administering foriegn rights, auditing record companies and other music users, suing infringers, and producing new demos of new songs. Standing Tree Entertainment takes the guesswork out of complex global royalty collections and reporting, and enables clients to get more money more quickly, as well as access to flexible and accurate information.

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Findie Music Mission Statement 2013

Our Mission at Findie Music is to bring new music, songwriters, and artists to the forefront of the international music community. We are focused to bring product that is fresh, innovative, and excellent in sound. We consider our company to be a launch pad for songwriters who have perfected their craft and now need an enhanced and consistent presentation allowing our client base to get a clear and concise understanding of the music being represented.

Findie Music will strive to bring songwriters and artists who are skilled in the areas of versatile songwriting and live performance of written material. We will use internet marketing and promotional tools and alternative mediums to bring the artist’s music to the potential clients attention. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of urban music production that has become more expressive and more dynamic with the progression of mass mediums available to the urban music composers from the U.S. to the international marketplace. Through digital distribution networks, MP3 downloads, visual presentations such as MPEGS, MOVS, and non-traditional retail outlets via the internet, we are well equipped and motivated to become a viable force for local and regional artist to have an international presence in the global music community.
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