Kelly Saint Patrick

jersey city , NJ United States

Bio: Hey! Thanks for listening to some of my songs! I figured I should probably tell you about myself here...other than what you gain from the stories I write.

In short:

I love to cook, but only do so in large I usually end up feeding all of my friends.
My favorite website is
I love anything from Tiffany's
I'm afraid of the dark
I can't whistle or wink
I do a leg lock when I rollerskate, which I do regularly in my apartment
I will watch the proposal episode of Friends anytime, and do often
I think the name Walter is funny
Philadelphia is my second favorite city
Nashville is my third
I am slowly studying French, but please don't try to talk to me in french, yet.
I could listen to the Rat Pack for days on end
I always sleep on the right side of the bed, I think that is supposed to mean something??
My apartment is always filled with flowers and smells like nag champa.
I think I can dance. others do not
I hate surprises, but also love them.

Thank you for all of your support and LOVE.

Kelly xoxo

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