cincinnati, OH United States

jd mac
Genres:RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: About JDMAC
BIOGRAPHY OF JD MAC Raised in Miami Dade County on a road to redemption currently finished the long awaited album trapped in a storm which is being promoted locally on most of the underground stations. You can also catch a couple of performances that are being held at The Music Factory Billiards in adventure 17813 Biscayne blvd. I have been in the music seen scenes 1999 a lot of these artists are busy competing with each other me im just writing good music so every body can share what I have to offer. Although I might be considered as an underdog I know one day I will get the recognition I deserve .Until then I will continue to create weather dark or uplifting music for those who love them and those who support me and the cause. I know the struggle and I come to play my part in the revaluation and cant forget my team boyz from da bottom soon to be at the top 1luv p-nut, smoke-deisel and dat nigga flay (T.H.U.G): JDMAC True Definition: The. Highest. Under. God

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