Milan Latin Jazz Quartet

Torre D'Arese, PAVIA Italy

Genres:Jazz - Latin , Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Latin - Jazz
Bio: Milan Latin Jazz Quartet was born in 2008 and gives Italian color to "Latin Jazz." Milan Latin Jazz Quartet was formed by Raffaele Kohler (Trumpet), Alessandro (Guitars), Davide Marzagalli (Percussion) and Lino Grasso (Bass) four professional Artists well known in Italy. They released their album “Sentimento Latino” in 2009 . The Album “Sentimento Latino” was recorded during a live session in December of 2008.
It has been introduced in many countries including Mexico City in the great radio show “Panorama del Jazz” hosted by the award winning Roberto Aymes. In Brazil in the show “Jazz Caravan” hosted by the writer Ricardo Corte Real. In Russia in the great radio show “Jazz Club” hosted by the master himself George Garanian. Milan Latin Jazz Quartet have also been showcased in other great shows in the USA , Australia, Hungary, Indie, Canada, Croatia , Czech Republic, Japan, Macedonia, Spain and so on…
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