Jhonny K

Idaho Falls, ID United States

Bio: Jhonny K started in music as a lad and wanted to play drums, but alas it was to loud for his mothers ears. So being the thoughtful, unrebellious son that he was, he began to play the trumpet. Jhonny K started to study jazz and classical music with several peers, professionals, and teachers. That provided him with the ability to hear harmonies and understand how music is shaped and should work.

He is a fan of pretty much any genre of music, but his soul yearns for rock and blues. After getting over his phobia of singing, Jhonny K partook of whatever he could vocally from small to large choirs, to being in a couple musicals, some private lessons here and there just to get his vocals up to par. Eventually, he joined several groups as a back up acoustic guitar player and vocalist. Bands such as Fuddy and the Crew, Northern Scum, and is also the lead singer of the rock band, Everson. They have been played large and small shows all over Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. For more of their music, please go to www.myspace.com/eversonband

He has always wanted to make a cd compiled of music produced at a professional level. He did so with his first album, Break Free. It is a dream come true for him to make upbeat, uplifting music that stirs the soul and taps the foot. This website is dedicated mostly to this album and all other up and coming music. Jhonny K has recently moved to Nashville, TN to join some long lost friends and pursue music by being closer to the center of the action. He left for music city to become a better singer and songwriter and since he is always working on new genres, lyrics and melodies, be sure to watch for new material coming soon from Jhonny K!
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