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art matt williams
Bio: The Hollyboots project was conceived in 2003 as a studio production when composer/songwriter Chris LaShelle and singer/songwriter Holly French joined forces. Chris’s diverse, mad scientist intonations, twisted visions, and rhythmic ciphers, infused with Holly’s haunting hooks, provocative ideas, and effervescent presence, collide into the phenomenon that has become "Hollyboots". Together, they have three music videos and an eclectic array of 28 original demo recordings whose unparalleled genre has been referred to as “new-wave pop rock”.

Holly French developed her voice singing club tracks and jingles as a young songwriter in Germany. In her late teens, she moved to the United States to pursue her music career.

Due to the amazing response of the Hollyboots studio project, in January 2008 the Hollyboots band was formed. Holly and Chris handpicked the most talented, spirited, and committed musicians they could find. TKO (Kevin R.), professional bass virtuoso, also manages the band and co-produces the live act. The keyboard styling of John Erik Montano contributes the nostalgic depth and dimension of our signature sound. Composer Chris LaShelle and Kevin Ramos add rocking riffs, subtle hits, funky licks, and rhythmic twists on Guitars Chris also plays cellos, violas and violins. On first Violin Clayton Haslop, one of the most sought after film fiddlers in the biz. Guitarist Ruben “John” Flores is the stage guitarist for the Hollyboots band. Percussionist Rochelle Coatney ties the package together with her brilliant dynamics, fills, and grooves on drums. Courtney Allen, New Jersey native and professional photographer of DC Image Photography, brings to the mix a deep low-end back up vocal. Also on back-up vocals we have Holly’s vocal coach Kathleen Riggs - protégé of her famous vocal training father. And last but not least, our diverse and charismatic frontwoman… Holly French. For individual band member profiles just click on their pictures. For a list of past performances please visit our MySpace blog
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