The Yes Pleases

Kenmore, WA United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Sometimes bands break up and it's a bitch for everyone involved except for the girlfriend who planted the death seeds and instigated the whole thing. Maybe it was a boyfriend, but let's not be gender specific. The band is gone and you have to deal with it. This happens all the time here in Band City because there are so many fucking bands and if their relationships didn't disintegrate and lead to band death then what would happen? The Yes Pleases wouldn't happen, that's for sure. And if not for them where would these songs be? They would be rotting out the guts of the men who make them, that's where. Songs leave the system or kill their masters and that's the rule. So here are the songs of The Yes Pleases. They are necessary for the survival of a few, but are here to entertain
the rest. Enjoy!
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