Rob Tijink

Boverbru, Vestre Toten Norway

Rob Tijink
Bio: Rob is a guitarist, singer and songwriter whose songwriting influences include Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, van Morrison and Johnny Cash. Besides drawing inspiration from folk rock music, he also listens a lot to old blues and country records.

Origininally from the Netherlands, he moved to Norway a few years ago. Away from the crowded dutch cities to the peace and quiet of the norwegian countryside. A move that sparked his creativity; his music career has taken big leaps since.

Rob is playing "one man, one guitar" shows, performing cover songs along with his own compositions. He's also playing guitar in a fifties rock'n'roll band called "Yttervika-bandet."

"Music from the fifties and sixties has always been a big inspiration to me. I love cruising around in my 1953 Buick Special listening to old time music on the radio.
When I was twelve years old and started learning to play the electric guitar I brought a cassette tape to my guitar teacher. On the tape were about thirty Chuck Berry songs and I said to him: This is what I want to play."

Rob has a powerful playing style, full sounding like a band with just his voice and guitar. He strives to write simple, heartfelt songs with a timeless feel. His CD "Stealing a Moment" is recorded with just vocals and two guitars, aiming for a sound similar to the Johnny Cash American recordings.
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