Worcester Park, Surrey United Kingdom

coldlyric live in London
Bio: Simon J: aka coldyric has been writing and recording music for about 20 years, He went to the Brit school in the early 90's and was in the original year when it first opened, after leaving The Brits, Simon J went on to work at London's Abbey Road Recording Studios as an assistant sound engineer working with various artists including Neneh Cherry and Babylon zoo, Simon then moved on to engineer Phantom of the Opera at the Haymarket Piccadilly where he was one of four resident sound engineers, from there Simon worked at various studios including Metropolis and the Strongroom as an engineer producer/programmer. In 1998 Simon J formed Love Jam Production working various remixes for Sony, MCA, and WEA, Under SASS management which was fronted by comedian Steve K Amos. Simon J then turned his music towards Rap and Hip Hop finding new acts and developing the production eventually forming the band, the kicking pills, concentrating his music on vocals and the lyrical content, he developed his own musical rap style. During this time Simon J was signed to Private and Confidential records and was working with Record Producer Mark Dodson whose catalogue includes Anthrax and Public Enemy "Bring the Noise" also Sir Harry Cowell now MD of mission records. After leaving the Kicking pills Simon decided to reinvent himself under the name coldlyric and is currently working on his first solo album. The concept for coldlyric is in the wording, using descriptive writing to emphasise a story and capture the moment sometimes leaning on humour involving lyrical whit blended with moods, textures, classical strings and piano riffs, but the most important part of the sound is the lyrical content and how its delivered, and as every producer and A&R man knows It must have a killer chorus. On some mixes coldlyric samples other artists to sum up the verse content at the chorus blending his writing into there's, not sampled for lack of creativity or for the sake of it there usually used from a commercial point of view or to pay homage to the original artist but in most songs he mainly write's original (sample free) As a vocalist and producer coldlyric shouldn't be pigeon holed as just the next rapper, He's more than that, everything you hear from start to finish is from one man, from the production and mixing to the writing and performing. A true expressionist of lyrical and sonic delivery "I consider myself a poet or story teller to Hip Hop beats with a unique twist to the listener". The music is recorded in coldlyric's pre-production studio where he continues to add new flavours and ingredients to the sonic Newville cuisine. "History's a blank page till you write it." Coldlyric.
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