Berlin, BE Germany

Bio: Journalists describe Anouschka as a mix of Joan Osborne, Marianne Faithful, and Nora Jones. Her signature genre-bending, lyric depth, vocal and guitar chops have garnered worldwide airplay/chart placements. “I’m not faithful to any one genre because a well-crafted song should be open to interpretation in any style. So, I go wherever the song takes me”, she says.

Her mother is Swedish; her father American. Her family moved often since her father worked in the army. She travels between musical styles with the same ease. "Anouschka fills every song she does with intrigue....whether she works in the jazz, blues or rock idiom." Rootsy Magazine, Sweden 2013

Lyrics are often about marginalized society. “Her affecting songs exert a seductive charm, leaving a vivid impression of their cast of searching characters: barflies with the cocaine blues, slumming cover girls, lost runaways, lovelorn 12-step diehards.“ (Boston Phoenix 1998)

She developed her acoustic style at Berklee College. "She's “an accomplished guitar player who uses chromatic chord changes, subtle underscoring, and lots of surprising dynamics.” (Music Connection 2000)

Music Connection predicted that, “in a year or so, Anouschka could be an AC favorite” when she moved to Los Angeles, but she was wrongly accused of assaulting an officer while trying to save a dog. Rather than serve a one-year probation, she left for Sweden. There she formed a band and released “My Kind of Heartbreak”. In 2009 she moved to Berlin, Germany. The EP "So Why?” was released and charted at #1 in Germany for over a year at Reverbnation.

In response to fan requests for a solo album, Anouschka released "Hollywood Ending" this year. The song “Kiss Me Hello” can be heard in the Swedish documentary film "Rötter" .

Airplay Categories: Americana, Jazz, Folk, Anti-Folk, Rock, World
Charts: #1 Germany (Reverbnation), #2 France (Midnight Blues Radio), AMA Charts, Nashville
Finalist IAMA Awards 2013 (International Acoustic Music Awards)
Editors Pick: California 101 FM, France/USA, www. (USA)
Honorable Mention for Billboard World Song & John Lennon Songwriting
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