CABOT, AR United States

Genres:HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: Jonathan "AfterLife" Panton was born on the East Coast of Florida June of 1981. Inspired by the sounds of his Grandmother's grand piano, Jonathan evolved into something greater. His first instrument was a guitar, where his talent flourished. At the age of 27, and 19 years in developing music with his own oringinal style, telling tales of a personal portrait, his life. He sings of his long suffering and transgression of living the "Street Life", Since he was of a young age. Living on the streets and experiences so tracgic no one person can fathom.
"AfterLife's" determination and passion for music comes deep with in his mind and soul. He has since grown and developed his talent with keyboards, guitars, bass, and percussion instruments. These skills simply reflect a man on a mission to change the face of music. AfterLife's wide range talent has yet to limit him. He knows no boundy to genre, with rap, rock, hip/hop, jazz, acoustic, and reggae fluency, this man will not be held back. The multi-talented "AfterLife" has written, produced, and preformed all compositions and he has worked non-stop for years creating his catalog of music which includes 50-60 cd's and 75-100 tapes. "AFTERLIFE" also uses little or no samples in his music, He acually plays the instruments himself. He is now working with A&R's from L.A./HOLLYWOOD & is also affiliated with BMI.
Jonathan has already released a record through Willora Records "FlexNext," "Echoes Underground," [2004] and is now working on his own independant record. He has produced and co-produced other artists as well as working with his friend "Gemini" on the "WishTribe" project. Helping to create songs such as, "Take me there" [the got-got song], "Lost cause," "Down," "Tabularasa" and "Awake".The band and name "WISHTRIBE" was created by JONATHAN PANTON(afterlife) in the mid and late 90's in asheville NC where jonathan lived. "gemini" or "chris hill" (the lead singer for wishtribe) got on a bus and went to visit jonathan in asheville and became the singer while jonathan played guitar and wrote wishtribe music.They found themselves in a world of graffiti art,alleys,music,culture and hard times.Evenually they parted ways and years later gemini met kelly and the rest is history."AFTERLIFE" has also worked with other production companies based out of Chicago, such as top flight and smalls productions. His music has been introduced through 88.3fm a public radio station and 100.3fm "The Edge". His preformances include live shows at Fatbacks, Vinos, Gusanos, Cornerstone, Battle of the Bands [A state wide competition]. AfterLife has found business in selling of instrumentals "Beats" created in his spared time. His beats have been sold from Indiana to Atlanta.
AfterLife is vocally skilled, mulit-talented, rap/hip/hop, artist that taps into the heart and soul of a man. He is real and he is raw, and he will not be overlooked. Let's challenge him, let us find him a place where he can be fully unleashed into the music industry. Whether it is in instrimentals, composition of music or lyrics, production, this boy can do it all!!!

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