Earth Minor

Mahwah, NJ United States

From Left: John Czolacz (Drums), Brady Watt (Bass), Harrison Young (Vocals, Synths), & Matt McDonald (Guitar)
Bio: Earth Minor is a brand new sound and idea in our universe, blasting through the upper atmosphere at kamikaze speeds, waiting to find a new home in your soul.

Their music combines electronic synth textures and programmed beats with precisely executed live human instrumentation and voice, tied together into a UK-influenced Trip-Rock grid.

Earth Minor features the sonic sculpting of Harrison Young on Vocals and Electronics, Matt McDonald on Guitar, Brady Watt on Bass, and John Czolacz on Drums.

Formerly known as EBE, they released three full-length studio albums from 2003-2006 before beginning work on what has become Earth Minor's debut album, Dark Matters, now available at
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