Ciara Corr

Yonkers, NY United States

Bio: When times get rough, people turn to music and entertainment to lighten the load and make things easier. Signed to NBA legend Earl 'The Pearl' Monroe's Reverse Spin Entertainment, Ciara Corr is going to do just that with her debut project, filled with the kind of grooves and dance music to take you away. Familiar with tough times herself, the sexy siren turned to music and music never failed her. "I always escaped into my music and I just love the way music can make you feel, no matter what else is going on around you." Right now everybody wants to dance their cares away and Ciara Corr is definitely the dance diva to get the party started.

Ciara realized that music could change people's minds and their moods and with her debut EP, she wants put a smile on people's faces as she musically moves them to the dance floor. Songs like the rhythmic ladies’ anthem and club banger "Get My Way" (her debut single) complimented by the outstanding John Morales club remix, do just that.

"I met a guy who had his own record company and was working with Teddy Riley. He took me under his wing and I took my demo and used it to push myself forward. I started writing when I was 12 and I always knew I would do music. My vocal coach got me to Earl 'The Pearl' Monroe (the NBA legend and President of Reverse Spin Entertainment) and he signed me. Earl Monroe remembers, "One of the first songs that struck a chord with me is 'Struggle Is My Necklace,' a story she tells about her life, but with hope and bounce to it. That song is the one that really made us feel like she was a strong artist." Other songs like "Emo Ballerina", the story of a young girl who doesn’t fit in, show you her full range as a writer and an artist. She wants the world to see a young woman who can do anything and she wants young girls, especially, to get that message.

Ciara Corr has also had the fantastic experience of working with some of the best musical talents in the business. Among the many producers Ciara Corr worked with on the development of her first project, producer Mark Wilson, aka “The Professor”, emerged as an integral part of its development, producing the first single ‘Get My Way’, as well as aiding in the development of several others including ‘Our Little Secret’ and ‘Struggle is my Necklace’. A SESAC writer/producer, Mark has produced some of the hottest artists on the planet including: Will Smith's ‘Wild Wild West’; Beyonce's ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’ remixes; Destiny’s Child; Brandy and more. Rounding out the team is vocal producer Sean Varo, who has worked with major artists such as Jive’s Richgirl, Estelle and India Irie.

With her funky party tracks and obvious sex appeal, Ciara Corr will definitely get your attention and her music will keep you riveted. She's a new millennium woman-survivor, artist, sexy and strong! She wants everybody to know that she’s got the goods: an artist, songwriter, singer, musician. She's changing the game and turning heads, but once you turn around, she's got you! "If you can change the way of the mind, you can change the way of the heart. They will understand once they know me."
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