Wut It Sound Like

New York, NY United States


Sam Siegler is a third generation musician who came up in the New York Punk/Hardcore scene in the mid 80’s, honing his skills on drums with influential bands, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, Judge, Shelter, Side By Side, Project X and more. His next band CIV would turn out to be his first major label (Lave/Atlantic) release. They had a hit with the song “Can’t Wait One Minute More” which was a buzz clip on MTV when that actually meant something. CIV released two albums and toured the world including a show at Madison Square Garden with KISS. They had success licensing many of their songs, including a long running TV ad for Nisson. Siegler saw the world again playing with his band Rival Schools (Island/Def Jam), who had two songs chart in the UK. These years were sprinkled with various musical endeavors. Siegler played on the first Glassjaw record, filled in on drums for Patti Smith, filled in for the Lost Prophets, made albums with Gabby Glaser of Luscious Jackson, A Static Lullaby, Nightmare Of You and recently reunited with Glassjaw frontman to make the new Head Autamatica album. He recorded the last Limp Bizkit record, and was temporarily “in the band”, then out, then in, then out… Throughout the past decade, Siegler was a founding partner in an indie record label called Some Records, with over 40 releases these albums were often met with critics praises. It’s fair to say his life is driven by music. Sam Siegler has produced bands, done remixes, and will DJ the occasional special event. Sam Siegler is the creative force and founder of Wut It Sound Like. He will often reunite with friends and artists he has worked with throughout the years to help collaborate and create for Wut It Sound Like.


AVON, Bloomingdales, Bobbie Brown, Clinique, EA Sports, ESPN, Framed for IFC, Mark, NBA, NFL, Nike, Nissan, Pink Elephant, Reebok, Rivington Hotel, Raymond Myer, Tommy Hilfiger, Waldorf Astoria
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