Graham Plug

Barrie, Ontario Canada

Bio: Graham plug

Born in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, Graham Plug was the third and last of three boys born to Rudy and Linda Plug. His father’s career in ministry influenced Graham initially with country and gospel music. However, Graham’s true style came out while listening to groups such as Metallica and Motley Crue. As the new groups emerged such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden Graham found himself following the trend, eventually settling in to a fusion of all. This is Graham Plug.

Being a perfectionist, Graham Plug kept his music to himself for years as he honed his craft. It wasn’t until he entered into a contest and his music caught the attention of an important listener - producer, Jim Hopson, that his music became open to public fanfare.

Graham’s new single, “Sorry About The Wait”, is off of his debut CD, “Power Outlet”. The title of this single says it all. Finally his music has reached the next stage, where it is loved by his fans – and yes, he sure apologizes for the wait. “This single refers to my previous party life and how that inadvertently delayed my pursuing of my goals. ‘Please to meet you’ is a key line at the end of each chorus referring to a rediscovered positive attitude.” This song has the connotation of a long awaited for, eagerly anticipated release of a truly positive song. An introduction, if you will, to the new Graham Plug.
This single has powerful vocals, a great beat, and wonderful lyrics – together creating that signature song that you’ll remember.

Graham has a special technique that he uses when he creates new music. He writes all his songs acoustically, this ensures a quality core in each song that can stand on its own, and cements an original, genuine sound. All songs are written in full before ever entering the studio. During the recording of Powerful Outlet Graham learned to trust others to add to each song and help bring his music to life. Each player puts an indelible stamp on the album, listening to their input was a key factor in the final product’s brilliance. This was a great learning experience and has taught him how to be an even better songwriter.

Graham’s song “Lit” has been featured on Rock 95’s local radio station. Other songs such as “Dream On” and “Keep On Walking” have been featured on numerous radio stations across Canada. The entire CD, “Powerful Outlet” has been picked up by CBC satellite radio and is currently getting plenty of airplay. It has been released physically as well as digitally.

Graham is looking for licensing opportunities, but in the meanwhile, he is always writing new songs. He is currently recording a 5 track acoustic ep and has already finished writing his second full length release. He is hoping to begin recording for that in the very near future. Keep your eyes on this one, he’s a star!

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