Its Mental

San Diego, CA United States

Everything we do it's mental!
Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Specialty - Promo Music
Bio: Its Mental reached another new level in his musical career with his most recent accomplishment, nominated for a Hollywood Music and Media Awards (HMMA) for his song "My Success?" from his album 'Changes Self Realization." This was Its Mental's 2nd nomination associated with Hollywood. He was also nominated for the Artist On The Verge Top 100. It was a huge achievement for Its Mental to have been nominated to HMMA Awards.
Its Mental’s musical career is the mirror image of his life; a biography. The lyrics reflect the days in his life with complete expression about his changing phases. His lyrics are based on his faith; as he defines himself in a world of deep depth in illusions and deceptions. Living in Philadelphia, PA for 5 years, then onto Kansas City, MO, for yet another 5 years Its Mental not only enjoyed but thrived with the changes the cities brought. Living in different regions has attributed to his new music, which is found in his 3rd album titled "Changes Self Realization". This CD is very unique in respect to hip hop and a new sound.
Changes within and the development of his spirituality, Its Mental has produced his best album, there is no comparison to his previous releases. Each CD displays growth in Its Mental as a person and as an artist. The first 2 CD's were released under Its Mental’s birth name: Tyrone Brown. The 3rd CD was released under "Its Mental". Its Mental is an acknowledgment of his deep outlook on life. Its Mental envelops Tyrone Brown the person, the writer, the artist, his travels and lessons learned.
"Changes Self Realization" was inspired by Its Mental returning from his journey living in his hometown, resting feeling complete. The CD has hot producers; GodSon from Black Fam, Xact of Faultline and others. Recorded and mastered at Full Clip Studios in San Diego. Check out the new single, Better Day, on There are plenty of hot songs on the album; California Lifestyle featuring Rich Prophet, Crossing Over with GodSon, and the controversial song The Beast.
Its Mental has started recording his latest album. He recorded this new album at the Noise Factory in El Cajon, Ca and with Godson for Its Mental Music. This combination of talent will produce Its Mental’s best album by far. He finished the album with more than the 10 songs originally planned, which is now 14.
The new album 'One Life To Live" is a great album and fresh to the listeners ears. Great production and impressive lyrics, Its Mental will ascend to the top ranks with his groundbreaking original style creating “life” music which engages a larger spectrum of listeners who can relate to the lyrics of today, tomorrow and beyond. First single 'Life Is Good' has been released and is available at your favorite on-line store.
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