David Packouz

Miami Beach, FL United States

David Packouz
Genres:Ambient Soundscapes, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: David Packouz was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the third of nine children of pioneering 'Internet Rabbi' Kalman Packouz. While living in Jerusalem and Miami he became fascinated by science, studied chemistry and philosophy and practiced massage therapy and international business. Through his immersion in these diverse fields and while traveling to many places around the world, he was exposed to many different ideas, philosophies and ways of life.

He came to realize that although we are all unique in our own way, we are also incredibly similar in much more fundamental and important respects. So to understand each other, we must first understand ourselves. This requires above all else, an open mind, honesty and empathy to see these same attributes in others. We are each a small Universe, or MicroCOSM, unto ourselves, yet we all comprise this greater MACROCOSM of human existence.

He has teamed up with renowned South Florida based Guitarist, Bassist, Producer and Engineer Fernando Perdomo, Drummer and Percussionist Derek Cintron and Pianist Alan Gabay to record his first album of original music, titled 'MicroCOSM'. The musical style is characterized by meaningful lyrics, harmonic buildups and soaring guitar solos. MicroCOSM comprises of songs reflecting the very personal, yet universal, aspects of his life: The search for purpose, the traps of monotone mediocrity, getting past rough times in life, the drive to achieve, the love of family and humanity, the challenge to cherish every moment of life and finding peace with destiny.

David Packouz draws his inspiration from an eclectic variety of musical influences. Pink Floyd and Radiohead influence his music in an atmospherically detailed, slightly psychedelic direction while keeping his songs unconstrained by the standard 3 minute pop song length - allowing for extensive buildups in epic songs. Simon and Garfunkel inspires him to strive for lyrical depth and complexly beautiful harmonies. Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana bring out a harder edge of rock and roll while U2, Goo Goo Dolls and Maroon 5 lend a more standard soft rock, emotional pop element. Jeff Buckley and Chris Cornell push him to the limits of his vocal abilities to create a trully unique sound and style of original music.
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