John+Rachel Nicholas

East Falmouth, MA United States

soulful acoustic music
Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Roots Rock
Bio: Two minds. Two hearts. Two voices.

The Muses and the mysterious workings of Fate must have had a hand in bringing Rachel Macias and John Nicholas together. Born and raised on opposite coasts they were brought together through music in Santa Barbara, California. They were married in 1979 and wherever their path together has taken them – from California to New York City to New England – music and their love for each other has been a constant in their lives.

After ducking below the radar for a few years, John and Rachel Nicholas have reemerged with a soulful new release. Recorded in their home studio over the course of 3 years, "Here You Are" is an emotive album of maturity and depth.

Their lyrical songs are an eclectic brew of Americana, folk and roots-rock highlighted by soulful singing and harmonies that attain a special alchemy. As one reviewer has noted, “They sing with one voice.”

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