Jaret Campisi

Santa Barbara, CA United States

Jaret Campisi
Bio: “Playing deceptively simple melodies spiced with unconventional chords and frantic finger work, Campisi is a master at the kind of sweet, surf-inspired acoustic rock that made Santa Barbara's music scene famous “(M. Vandor, SB Independent). Whether it is his effortless guitar playing or lyrics that tell his story, Campisi has created a style he can call his own.

When listening to his debut EP, “We Come and Go” you get a sense Campisi has a lot to say. “On, We Come and Go, Campisi offers up cheerful jams (“Falling Into Place”) and wistful folksy numbers (“We Come and Go”) with some serious heart and soul” (SB Independent). The EP was recorded at the world class Playback Recording Studio with Sound Engineer and Record Producer, Tucker Bodine. Also sitting in on the album were top session studio musicians from Berklee School of Music, Adam Stehr (Drums and Lead Guitar) and Tom Mitchell (Bass).

Jaret is certainly making quite a name for himself. Recently, he was hand selected by Gap to play for their “Born to Play Live” acoustic event to celebrate Gap’s 40th Anniversary. He was also selected to headline the singer songwriters at Millenium Music Conference, the third largest music conference in the United States.

If you are one of the fortunate to catch Campisi at a live show you are surely in for a treat. In the live setting his songs take you to another world, of love, life and adversity wrapped in hooks so catchy you find yourself singing them days later. Campisi is at his best live, a rarity in the music industry.

Jaret is not only having success playing live, his song “Staring Up” from his EP “We Come and Go” was the most requested song for the month of August, 2009 on LA’s biggest independent radio station, Indy 104 – IRADIO LA.

Quiksilver has licensed “Staring Up” for use in one of their promotional surf videos featuring professional Quiksilver team riders, including Kelly Slater, one of the best surfers in the world. Jaret’s thought-provoking lyrics and ocean-inspired guitar rifts have caught the attention of many, not only in the surf community, also throughout the world.

It won’t be long before Campisi is a common name in music, according to Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, Molly-Ann Leikin, “I listen to thousands of songs in a year and it’s rare for somebody to blow me away like this.”
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