The Suit, Inc.

Fort Carson, CO United States

Red on Red
Genres:Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Electro, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Daniel Larson is an American born artist and has worked on electronic music for for over 7 years. His musical act known as The Suit. Inc. tends to the gap between rock art and electronic genres to create a unique all digital blend of easy to follow fun lyrics and infectious guitar/synth melodies.

Given the nickname Daysuit by his friends as a video game avatar and his preference for Suits and other fine attire, planted the seed of the original idea of The Suit, Inc. That idea being, all business up front but inside spontaneity and lovable craziness. Caught up between a strict upbringing and a very free contemporary culture, he has embraced a pseudo serious take on corporate manufactured artistry. With over 7 years of digital music experience, Daysuit and The Suit, Inc. are a culmination of one man's experiences, enjoyment and artistic expression. From abandonment in a lonesome prairie state to multiple transatlantic flights to the middle east to his take on hipster culture, it is all expressed in his sound. As primarily a solo composer he has settled his live sound acting as part DJ and part rock star. He is American born and currently resides in Colorado.
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