Dean Wolfe

victoria, british columbia Canada

Dean Wolfe, photo by Danielle Acken
Bio: Says Wolfe: "I write music so people know who I am."

He used to be too shy to sing around his wife, and quietly self-produced his own alternative pop rock and folk rock music mostly out of the various basements he'd lived in or nearby.

He has a knack for catchy melodies which he brews over for hours before getting near a recording machine.

For years Wolfe focused on instrumentation and the recording process: he plays piano, guitars, cello, drums. Singing and lyrics came at the end of the line, but now he relishes marrying words to his melodies which he weaves like elegant tapestry- complex but somehow simple.

His first 'official' album in 2006 was "11:59"- an autobiographical reference to his own tendency to bloom late. Even physically: in grade school he was the same height as his friends but they all grew taller and he didn't....until boom--he stretched to a respectable 6 feet. Musically it's no different...

His newest (technically his sophomore release) was mostly written since March 2013. The space of 7 years since his last full length disc was mostly filled with childbirths- one right in their home in Toronto, and the various challenges of owning a hundred year old building while raising kids and paying the bills relegated Dean’s musical efforts under the radar once again.

Meanwhile Wolfe kept on playing acoustic guitar, and writing songs. But in March of 2013 he had an epiphany: if he was a songwriter, why wasn't he writing all the time? Why leave it tip it's 'time for another album?' So he started taking himself a lot more seriously as a songwriter and wrote 25 complete songs.

His new disc ‘PLAY’ will be arriving soon: hopefully before the end of September 2013 he says.

Dean plays out at least once a month solo- having 90 minutes of original material so far to draw upon. His new band consists of Lauren on Banjo, Tony on Cello, Ray on pedal steel, and other musician currently being wrangled into the fold.
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