Neal Williams

Atlanta, GA United States

One of many instruments I enjoy playing.
Bio: Neal Williams began playing music at a very young age. He started piano lessons when he was a small child and soon came into his own when he bought his first electric guitar at age 12. What followed was an unwavering passion for all things musical. In high school Neal played bass in jazz band and went on to play in numerous rock bands opening for such indie rock luminaries as Don Caballero, The Wrens, Secret Machines, Mono and many more. With a knack for recording, Neal produced album after album and found himself branching out in all different directions. One recording project found him composing electronic works to accompany the paintings of William Neal, a Scottish painter known for his work on Emerson, Lake & Palmer album covers.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production, Neal searched for any job that would allow him to be constantly exposed to music. For several years he worked at various independent music stores so he could quell his thirst for new music while continuing to hone his recording and compositional skills at home. Working for others was never the goal so Neal started his own online record store to sell obscure and overlooked music ranging from ambient and electronica to avant-garde and underground jazz. The depth of music at his hands was astounding and helped Neal become an incredibly well-informed musician with his finger always on the pulse of the current trends.

Neal has never been your typical composer, at least in the classical sense. Neal’s talents come from an incredible ear for melody combined with the ability to play most any instrument he gets his hands on. When working with Neal you are much more likely to come out with a unique and genre-defying piece than one that sounds rooted to the same old conventions that tend to dominate the marketplace.
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