Rosedale, ny United States

Genres:Electronic - Electro, HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, HipHop - Pop/Modern, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: LANSTARR is a musician, producer, and a software synth developer. He plays for the band Dirty Bath Water, is a member of the production team Cut Time Crew, and produces a number of R&B and Hip Hop acts. He is also the creator of three software instruments; STARRSYNTH, ELEPHO, and STELLAPHEX.

LANSTARR's musical background started at the age of 9, when he started learning to play the trumpet. He was influenced by a vast range of musical genres, including jazz, reggae, rock, and 90's hip hop. This is the reason that he makes a wide variety of styles of music, ranging from up tempo club bangers to smooth melodic tunes though he stays grounded in raw and gritty Hip Hop. By combining his natural musical ability with his trained skills, LANSTARR is able to adapt to and create a wide variety of music.
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