Paul Stride

St. John's, NL Canada

Paul Stride
Genres:Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Paul Stride started playing the drums at the age of 8, and then later taught himself to play the keys. While he had some formal musical training later in his teens, he remained a musician who preferred playing by ‘ear’, and writing his own songs rather than playing others.
Dabbling a little in writing and recording venue’s in the late 80’s and early 90’s, he found himself ignoring his musicianship for a corporate career. Paul says ‘it was noble to earn a solid paycheck, but something was missing’. That something was writing songs, and life could not be complete without the creative expression so richly desired by musicians everywhere.
In April of 2009, his ‘inner musician’ awakened. He built a home studio and began recording his EP “The Balladeer”. “New technology in recording is a double edged sword”, said Paul, “you have a huge learning curve getting into digital based systems, but at the same time able to do things not possible 20 years ago, at least not without huge piles of cash”.
While “The Balladeer” is scheduled for release in late September, he continues to write and think of the next project. Stay tuned!

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