The Afternoon Round

Ypsilanti, MI United States

Bio: The Afternoon Round is a rock band. They make original music with guitars, drums, bass, and vocal chords, but their sound didn't just emerge as a phantom from the ether. Like all pop music, and indeed all human endeavors, the band is indebted to the past. From atop a solid foundation of the Beatles' pop sensibility, Whiskeytown's country tinged emotionalism, Wilco's creative tenacity, and Tom Petty's everyman appeal, The Afternoon Round has managed to become more than just the sum total of their influences.

With an arsenal of memorable hooks, syrupy sweet harmonies, and a guitar-driven steam engine, combined with a dynamic rhythmic backbone and plain spoken, back-porch Americana tones and lyrics; The Afternoon Round is poised to invade the hearts and minds of music fans everywhere.

Anyone with the lingering taste of a dark and smokey dive bar in the pit of their stomach, the bittersweet melodies of drunken lamentation ringing in their ears, or just the plain old primal passion for rock n' roll coursing through their veins, should hear the Afternoon Round.
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