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Stockholm, Stockholm Sweden

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Street Level Productions based in Stockholm, Sweden was founded in 1999 by twochildhood friends, Marcus
and Niclas. Their hit single “O The Record” featuring Promoe was their rst collaboration,establishing this
creative duo as one of Swedens most well renownedproducers in Hip-Hop.
After completing their rst beat,Marcus and Niclastrack became aninstant success within the hip-hop
community. Due to its unique sound, the beatcaught the attention of Sweden´s nest MC, Looptroops
frontman Promoe. When Promoe performed the song live at The Roskilde Festival, several Hip-hop labels
like Raw Schack, Eastern Conference and Bobbitos Fondle´Em wanted to release the song,however, they
chose a distribution deal with Landspeed Records. The single became an instant classic in the underground
scene,selling 20,000 copies on vinyl and licensing to soundtracks and compilations worldwide. It
was also nominated as the indie single of the year in the German Hip-hop magazine, Backspin. With the
success from their rst production, their astonishing sense of creativity, and drive for excellence, they
havecontinued to produce beats for other multi-award winning artists, in Sweden and US, like Group
Home, Agallah, Lootpack, Hireoglyphics and others.
Growing up in the Golden Era of HipHop , Marcus and Niclas was inuenced by a wide range of musical
genres. They were exposed to everything from Fela Kuti and Al Green, to The Beatles, Bob Marley, James
Brown, Rakim, Marley Marl and Dj Premier. These artists all played an important role on their early development
as producers.
In 2004, they started to reach out and network with artist on the US mixtape scene. Very soon they were
collaborating with artists/Djs such as Joell Ortiz, St. Laz & Potterseld, D-Block and others. They also
collaborated with Mad Ciphas, a New York based freestyle/mixtape TV show, developing most of the
music for the DVD “The best of Mad Ciphas: The Raid DVD” and an anthem for the TV show. SLP is also
working inhouse with Wordsmith & The Nu Revolution Camp
In 2007, Stephen “Spli” Hacker (Splington Management), the home for platinum producers like The
Heatmakerz, Streetrunner & The Alchemist, started consulting SLP and shopping their beats to labels
such as Def Jam, Bad Boy, G-Unit, Shady, Diplomats, Interscope and others.
Street Level production is known forcrafting an unrelentingsoundresonating within the genres of Hip-
Hop, R&B and Popmusic utilizingne chopped samples, warm and melodic soundwith live instruments
and keyboards. Their current style can be described as the raw Hip-hop you wanna hear on your favorite
Grand Theft Auto radio channel.
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