Richard Michos

San Francisco, CA United States

Richard with wife Riffat Sultana
Bio: I am a guitarist/multi instrumentalist composer produce a variety of music, and work with artists including my wife, Pakistani folk singer Riffat Sultana, Lebanese violinist Georges Lammam, and Galactic pop group the Venusians.
My group’s first two album releases with the Ali Khan band, Taswir and Zindagi, earned Bammie nominations, while his 2002 disc, Shabaz (available on I-Tunes), has been reviewed in Billboard and was highly rated on the CMJ radio chart. Shabaz has been interviewed for feature articles in both Rhythm magazine and Folk Roots as well as a segment on NPR. In addition, Michos is a product development specialist for Sony Media software. A review of his Loops for Acid CD appears in the November, 2003 issue of Electronic Musician.
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