Ironlight River

Winchester, Hampshire United Kingdom

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: "Ironlight River is the recording name of Andy Fosberry – a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in the southern UK.
Andy created Ironlight River in late 2005/early 2006 after moving to the coast to regroup following the break-up of his previous band, and to hopefully begin a new chapter.
What began as a series of demos where he would play and multi-track all the instruments, quickly built into a catalog which began to be released as EP’s through two independent labels in the US.

The trilogy – ‘Earthlights’, ‘Boneyeards’ and ‘Winterseen’ were all well received and have since sold out, although they may find there way to a digital re-issue at some point in the future…
After the third EP in the series, 2008 became all about recording the debut album. Most of the first half of the year was dedicated to talking with producers and writing and demoing a pile of music that would be whittled down to the final 10 songs of South December. In a busy year, a short hiatus between the end of these demo sessions and the beginning of the actual recording, brought about the writing and recording of The Calendar Round LP, and a three track single (Benzene) which includes a cover of the Jesse Sykes song, ‘Your Eyes Told;.
The decision was taken to self produce South December, and it was finally recorded through late winter of 08/09 and completed in February.
Both this record and hte newly mastered Calendar Round were released on the same day in July of 2009 on the Mass Of Apathy Recordings imprint, which was created by Andy solely to release Ironlight River music.
The records are available worldwide in digital format across all platfoms and as a physical release through
Following the albums release, a new version of ‘Six Deleted Spaces’ from South December was released as a single. This free download is available here in the shop with the addition of a completely new song (Dirty), an out-take from The Calendar Round sessions (Amber Bone Sky) and a live version of The Orion Arm.
A video for Six Deleted Spaces was released in November 2009 and can be seen now in the media section.

The long winter of 2009/10 came on the back of a difficult time of moving, regrouping and beginning again. This time has spawned songs and the new album commenced work in April of 2010."

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